Dr. Vincent Saccone D.C.

Nutrition Response Testing

Master Clinician

His Story

Dr. Vincent Saccone is the founder of The Natural Healing Center. He became interested in the art and practice of chiropractic following a water skiing accident in 1988 when he injured his neck and was helped greatly by a local chiropractor. He received his doctorate from Life Chiropractic College in 1996 and established a private practice.


During college Dr. Saccone became interested in nutrition and later integrated whole food supplements into his practic in 1998. He observed that nutrition helped his patients hold their chiropractic adjustments and improve their overall health.

He was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing when he attended a seminar in 2008.


At the seminar he was tested and found to have heavy metal toxicity and hidden food allergies effecting his prostate gland.

(Dr. Saccone had been suffering from lower back pain that wasn't handled completely with chiropractic care) He began a designed Clinical Nutrition Program and has had incredible results. He no longer had lower back pain and his health greatly improved. He immediately began studying Nutrition Response Testing and integrating it into his practice.


He has continued his education and graduated from the prestigious Ulan Nutritional Advanced Clinical Training program in September 2010. Dr. Saccone is completely committed to changing the health care model of this great country and he is dedicated to helping and educating each of his patients and their families achieve and maintain optimum health.