Lisa Fritz L.M.T

Meet Lisa

Lisa is so excited to be a practitioner at The Natural Healing Center. Lisa's journey with Nutrition Response Testing started back in 2015 when her teenage daughter became seriously ill. Lisa had taken her daughter to many doctors and she had been hospitalized many times. She even had several surgeries that didn't solve her health issues. Lisa was loosing hope and didn't know where to turn.

That is when her friend, Mary, begged her to go see Dr. Vinny at The Natural Healing Center.

Lisa didn't want to get her hopes up and honestly didn't think "Nutrition" could help her daughter.

Mary was so confident that Nutrition Response Testing would help, that she paid for the first visit!

Well, not only did it help her daughter, but 6 months later, it turned Lisa's health around as well. Although Lisa thought she was just fine, she quickly understood that her varying symptoms were an indication of a much bigger issue.

Lisa started a Designed Clinical Nutrition Program and started healing! She hadn't realized how bad she felt until she started to feel better.

Dr. Saccone hired Lisa to do Massage Therapy and then to be his Patient Advocate.  In December 2018 Lisa went to ULAN Nutritional Systems to become a practitioner.

Lisa is honored to be working alongside Dr. Vinny, helping people restore their health and get their life back!