My twin 10-year-olds were starting to have mood swings. I felt that they were becoming hormonal. I bought the Cherish Pad Panty Liners for them. I figured the negative ion strip might help balance their hormones.

I immediately saw a lift in their disposition! We are very happy with this product.

I would highly recommend the Cherish line of feminine products to anyone, ESPECIALLY young girls entering puberty.

-Chantelle G.


The Cherish Pads are simply amazing! I have to admit, when I first tried them I was skeptical on how they would hold up against my mainstream products.

The Cherish Pads blew me away!

They are so comfortable, no leaks and the negative ion strip not only eased my cramps but boosted my mood!

10/10 in my book!

-Juliana J

Cherish Pads are thinner, more comfortable and more absorbent than any leading pad on the market! You will stay dryer and you will not need to change your pad as often. With Cherish  Pads, you will no longer be concerned about embarrassing leaks! But that's not all! They are also healthier because they do not contain all the harmful chemicals that all the other pads have in them. PLUS, they have a negative ion strip that balances your PH and your hormones. This strip is responsible for reducing pain, inflammation and mood swings! You really have to try them to see it for yourself. Stop in our office for a free sample.

Watch the video of our amazing demonstration below


I started using the cherish panty liners just to see if I liked them and they have helped me in so many ways.

I am not getting the symptoms of PMS, my periods are more regular, and I feel great!

I have now stocked up so I can use the entire line of feminine products.

I love that they have a negative ion strip. I read up on that, and it's very good for you!

- Patricia  S.

You can order Cherish Pads directly from our cherish website... Have the only pad you'll ever need shipped right to your home!