Meet Our Staff

Lisa Fritz - Clinical Associate/Marketing Director/ Massage Therapist

Lisa has been massaging for 22 years and at The Natural Healing Center for six. In 2015 Lisa joined the office staff as Clinical Assistant. Dr. Vinny sent Lisa down to Clearwater, Florida, where she studied at Ulan Nutritional Systems and graduated their Pro-level program. Lisa loves her patients and  is passionate about helping each of them reach their goals. Lisa will also keep you informed about everything that is going on at The Natural Healing Center. Whether you follow us on social media, have signed up for our e-mails or you receive our mailings, Lisa will keep you in the loop and will be happy to help you with all your program needs!

Nicole Perniciaro - Front desk / Administration

Nikki is the newest member of our staff. She is taking care of your appointments, your billing and all of your supplement needs. Make sure you ask Nikki what's new when you come in or call. She will let you know all the latest happenings at The Natural Healing Center. Are we having a seminar or contest? Don't miss anything, ask Nikki!