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Congratulations to  Katarzyna!

She tried to get pregnant for 18 years! She went to many many doctors and no one could help...

Until now! After a year and 7 months at The Natural Healing Center, Kate got pregnant naturally!

We are so happy for her and her family!!!

We are so happy for Mariusz and Izabela, our patients that came all the way from Poland! They were trying to conceive for 7 years. After four Months at the natural healing center, this wonderful couple became pregnant and had a beautiful, healthy, baby boy in November of 2017!

Before I came to The Natural Healing Center, I was always feeling exhausted. I was losing and gaining the same 5 pounds and my hair was falling out! I was taking OTC supplements but they weren't doing anything. About a month ago I started a nutrition program and within 3 days I started feeling better. I can really feel a difference in my running. I feel amazing and have so much more energy. If you're not feeling 100%, give a designed clinical nutrition program a chance. You will feel great!

Filomena S.

November 2019

I have had an issue with my knee since grade school. It was clicking, getting inflamed and painful. I have gone to orthopedic doctors that had said I had bursitis. I would ice it, rest it and take aspirin. The pain always returned.

Dr. Vinny did one adjustment on my knee and it has not bothered me at all unless I had to kneel in the garden, and even then, the next day I was fine.

If you've been suffering with pain, Let Dr. Vinny check you out! Make an appointment!


June 2019

On a pain scale of 1-10, I was a 12 when I came to The Natural Healing Center, for help. I was depressed, nauseous, dizzy, forgetful and my hair was falling out! I had gone to many doctors for FOUR years! Nobody could help me! Today, in just 5 short months, I am 95% better! 

Within 1 week of starting my nutrition program I felt improvement and had hope!

I'm even sleeping better and I enjoy spending time with my family again!



When I started my nutrition program I was a mess. I had the shakes, anxiety, painful joints, palpitations, stomach issues and I was not sleeping. I was taking a lot of over-the-counter vitamins that were full of synthetic chemicals.

After about 2 months I started to really feel better. Now after 31/2 months I have no shakes, no anxiety, more energy, no palpitations, and my sleeping, stomach and joint pain has all improved.

This program works if you are honest and keep good communication with your practitioner. I highly recommend The Natural Healing Center.


June 2019

I was suffering with excruciating back pain and dizziness. I went to a urologist, a gastroenterologist, had a CAT scan, x-rays, an MRI and a sonogram. After all that, I still had no answers. No one knew what was wrong with me and no one could help me. I was so discouraged.

After coming to The Natural Healing Center, I had relief in 2 days! In 1 week, I felt 100 times better. Now, a month later, I am back to normal!

If something is not right in your body, come get checked out! They will help you!


June 2019

When I became a patient, I was short of breath from COPD. My pulmonologist said I would never get better. I was on medications that weren't working and I had no energy because I wasn't getting enough oxygen.

After a few short weeks on a nutrition program, I had a vast improvement.

Now I have more energy and I can breathe!

If you've been told you can't recover...Come to The Natural Healing Center.

If you stick to it, you will get better!


May 2019

When I came to The Natural Healing Center, I was in pain with aching joints. I also had painful bloating and gas, I had tried physical therapy, chiropractic, anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Nothing helped and I was having anxiety.

Within 3 weeks of starting a nutrition program, I started to feel better. I even lost weight! After several months my health is MUCH better.

If you come to one of the practitioners here at The Natural Healing Center , Be patient and stick with it. You will get results!


May 2019

When I came to Dr. Vinny in February 2019 I was in a lot of pain. I had severe pain in my right shoulder and much discomfort in my stomach. I had tried many medications and had seen doctors, but nothing worked. I couldn't sleep and I was miserable.

I started a nutrition program and started feeling better after just 10 days! Now it has been 6 weeks and I'm doing really well. I even lost weight without trying!

I highly recommend trying Dr. Vinny! He really helped me.


March 2019

3 months ago, my life was unmanageable. I could barely leave my house due to my serious stomach issues. I was barely hanging on and I didn’t think I would make it. I had been to many doctors and had tried all kinds of diets and medications. Nothing helped me. Then I met Dr. Vinny. I honestly didn’t think it would work, but I had nothing to lose. Now I feel great! I’m living my life and I’m even sleeping well. If you become a patient at The Natural Healing Center, be honest about how you are feeling. They will help you. Give this a chance! It’s so worth it!


October 2018

I came to The Natural Healing Center because I was diagnosed and suffering from Lyme’s disease. I was overweight, exhausted and experiencing horrible anxiety. I had seen a million doctors, and nothing was working. I was really discouraged. I wasn’t sure that they could help me, but after about 6 weeks I slowly started to improve. In 2 months, I had lost 18 pounds (and counting) and my anxiety is almost completely gone! If you’re not feeling well, give this a fair chance. Take your supplements and be patient!


April 2018

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