Pay Now, or Pay Later

"I can't afford to eat healthy."

How many times have you heard someone say that? Maybe you have even said it yourself. While it's true that organic food is priced higher than conventional, as well as grass fed meat, dairy, etc., at first glance it would appear that you really can't afford to eat healthy. But the question remains, can you afford to get sick?

Over 1/3 of Americans are fighting some type of chronic illness, and the cost to treat it ranges from $411 million to $26 billion annually! Between regular visits to the MD, prescriptions, over the counter pain medications, and more, maintaining your health with proper nutrition is actually more cost effective in the long run.

When we buy and consume seemingly "cheap food" we are essentially robbing our bodies of the nutrients it needs to constantly rebuild itself, and fight infection. Over time this neglect can adversely affect your health, resulting in some type of chronic illness, and contributing to the upward cost of "health care."

If you don't want to become another life-long patient indebted to the system, it's time to take control of your health! We can help you by assessing what your body's specific nutritional needs are, and designing a nutrition program that can transform your health. If you want to take part in and enjoy your life, the initial cost is worth it.

You can pay now or later, but either way, you will pay.

#HealthyLiving #AffordableHealth #Nutrition

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