7 Signs You Need a Massage

There are a variety of massage techniques that cater to a plethora of health issues, ailments, and lifestyles. By narrowing down your symptoms and way of life we can figure out which one is right for you.

Check out the list below to see if you could use a therapeutic massage!

  1. You are suffering from chronic headaches

  2. You are experiencing pain in your neck, shoulder, back, foot, etc.

  3. You aren't getting enough sleep or a restful night's sleep

  4. You are stressed or anxious, can we say "Hello Holiday Season!"

  5. Your body can't seem to fight the common cold or other minor illnesses

  6. You are training and/or exercising regularly

  7. You are pregnant

If you can relate with one or more of these statements then it's time for you to schedule a massage!

The benefits of massage therapy include reduced stress, pain relief, increased mobility, a strengthened immune system and more.

Call the office to speak with Lisa, our Licensed Massage Therapist, for more information, (631) 563-6503.

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