Is Junk Food Giving You the Blues?

"I'm on a happy diet. I only eat the things that make me happy."

It's almost a no brainer that what we eat affects our mood. After all we connect so much of how we feel to what we eat. Think about it. Are you celebrating a birthday? Bake a cake! You got a promotion? Go out for a drink! You're feeling exhausted? Binge on salty snacks! Stressed? Break out the chocolate!

Unfortunately, no matter what we feel, our go to food is generally something rather unhealthy yet affectionately referred to as "comfort food." But how comforting is this food really? In the long run, comfort food offers very little comfort. In fact, we usually experience a short high followed by a deep low. That quick high you get from junk food comes crashing down with such force that you have to start asking yourself, is it really worth it?

The answer, a resounding, "NO!"

If we consistently consume junk food, we are starving our bodies of the nutrition it needs to function properly. This shows up in a variety of ways, but most overlooked, is your emotional stability. Symptoms include mood swings, brain fog and depression.

Don't let your food choices drag you down. Turn that frown upside down with a fresh take on how to improve your daily diet!

Call us for more information about improving your diet and way of life with our nutrition programs , (631) 563-6503.

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